1. Register for the conference and pay fees,
2. Login into OpenConf and submit an abstract. You will receive a submission ID
3. If submitting a full paper, use your abstract submission ID and upload a new file
4. Select an ideal presentation environment,
5. Create a recorded voice-over PowerPoint paper presentation,
6. Test your slides and ensure that they are compatible with windows,
7. Submit a voice-over PowerPoint presentation not later than two weeks before the date of actual presentation,
8. Stable high-speed internet is required,
9. Test your audio and video,
10. Log in and be ready to go 20 minutes before the start of presentation,
11. While presenting, you will have a split screen; one part will show a live feed of the presentation and another will show a shared screen of your slides.

1. email (email required)
2. Text msg (phone required)
3. WhatsApp (phone required)
4. Zoom (phone required)